Medicore Madness : Gathering the Most Average Pros and Up-and-Comers in Pursuit of Normal Snowboarding

Words: Austin Smith

Not everyone wants to ride steep faces in Alaska, just like not everyone wants to go on a rail trip to Minnesota or compete at the X Games. Sort of like the idea behind the Drink Water film Pathology, the Medicore Madness tour was designed to be a trip that anyone would enjoy – participants and spectators alike. This April, we set about scheming a tour de activities worthy of capping off winter and put together an email list of 30 snowboarders, skateboarders, surfers, photographers, and random friends, and invited them to Oregon. Not necessarily a snowboard trip, it was just a trip in a van, with the end goal of having the best days of the year. A grand finale, you could say, although I won’t because that makes it sound like we knew what we were doing, and ‘grand’ might overstate our expectations – we settled on Medicore Madness.

Featuring: Sam Taxwood, Griffen Seibert, Max Warbington, Gus Warbington, Tim Eddy, Iikka Backstrom, Curtis Ciszek, Spencer Schubert, Louif Paradis, Bryan Fox, Steve Fox, Aidan Payson, Austin Smith, Tanner Pendleton, Jake Price, Jess Gibson, Foster Huntington, Mark Welsh, Bob Plumb, Java Fernandez, Ripzinger, Pete Alport, and Cale Meyer.

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