Drink Water is an idea.
It came about as we watched the snowboard industry, and other similar industries, be bought up by energy drink brands peddling their products to kids. Oddly enough, nobody was really opposing them. We figured, as professional snowboarders with an opinion on the matter, we should try and use whatever influence we have, to protest. And for us the best protest is to promote something we do actually support.
We started writing Drink Water on our snowboards and screen-printing sweatshirts in a garage in 2011. As we gave the sweatshirts away to our friends, we learned a lot of other people shared the same thought and Drink Water grew into an initiative, a brand, a movement, and something way bigger than us.
It’s not about selling water. We’re actually committed to never sell water. We prefer it from the tap. And if you’re going outside, which we tend to do, fill up a bottle and take it with you.
As we continue to say "drink water," we recognize that nearly a billion people on Earth lack access to clean drinking water. That's why, for every Drink Water product purchased, 10% of profits are donated to water.org, a non-profit working on this solvable global crisis.
Our goal is to spread this message; the simple idea that has become a movement of people questioning what’s being sold to them. Join us in saying something different, something simple, something as obvious as Drink Water.
Austin & Bryan, 2011



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